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models L-R 98-154-96-152



In his nastiest, juiciest, most cum-filled series to date Brendon has lined up 12 straight young studs for a serious cock sucking, ass licking adventure! Because you wanted to get a better look at them, Aaron, Ricky, and David from STROKED are back by popular demand. Even cute Toby makes an appearance. Each DVD contains 2 blow job scenes, one solo jack-off and a bonus scene thrown in for fun. Come along and as Brendon says, "Get in the zone." The pleasure zone where hot young guys deliver big loads for Brendon to Guzzle!



THE MASSAGE SERIES. Stroking the taut, masculine skin of straight guys has been a fantasy of Brendon's for years. In this brand new series Brendon lays em out in stunning fashion. Four super sexy studs put themselves in Brendon's capable hands for a rubdown that explores a brand new technique; accu-pleasure! When these dudes relax, one appendage just refuses to rest. As they watch a porn video, Brendon has his nasty way with them until the massage ends in shattering climax. Some asses get rimmed in this video and you may want to try this at home. Also in the series are sessions with four hot young porn wannabes.



When Brendon returned to Eastern Europe to re-create the magic that had happened the year before, he kept his fingers crossed that hot, straight guys would walk through the door. He needn't have worried. Straight guys in Hungary are horny, friendly and anxious to make a little scratch. Well Brendon hit the jackpot cause not one but twelve handsome, well hung and cum filled guys practically broke the door down to get on film with four slutty wenches.


The first in the series finds Brendon and Shy scouring the North Beach area for a horny straight guy. They‚re not hard to find and when you find them, they‚re hard!! Mike thinks it‚s his lucky day when Shy sidles up to him and suggests they find a dark, quiet place. Mike has short hair and blue eyes and his cock is rock hard as soon as Shy pulls it out of his pants. Before he knows what hit him, he‚s getting the best blow job of his life from Brendon.


Once in awhile Brendon shocks the world of porn with a series so bold and arresting that new adjectives have to be invented to describe it. It happened with his original Underground series. And again with Brothers. Now new frontiers are explored as Brendon introduces his newest and most graphic set of films ever!! PLUGGED!! One word says it all and yet you're dying to know more. Filmed in a series of scenes that he never thought he would release, this new title crosses the line from blow jobs to fucking, and Brendon is ready to show them to you.


When Brendon takes his camera to Budapest in the midst of a heat wave, he knows that clothes are going to be coming off. It's only fitting that some of the hottest scenes he‚s ever captured on film were shot in 100 degree heat. The guys in Hungary are some of the hunkiest we've ever seen. They may have been born during Soviet occupation but the rules have changed!


Brendon has turned the beaches of Hawaii into his own personal playground. By walking around Honolulu with a nudie magazine centerfold, Samantha, he knew guys would be begging him for a shot at her luscious tits. And beg they did. He practically had to give em a number and say ‘stand in line’. These guys are surfers, ex-military and every one is a horn dog.



The studio has been very busy lately with straight dudes needing to dump a load. Maybe the bad economy is making them more willing to do nasty shit because I've never had more hot straight guys willing to get sucked off for cash than now! You can see all these studs in my new series called CHOKED and choked is exactly what they try to do to me.



Shot on some of the most beautiful and remote beaches in California, Brendon takes his camera to a few nude beaches and surfer beaches to see what action he can find! And the find the boys he does! The beauty and youth of some of these guys will amaze you!

Back at the hotel with porn starlette Bamboo, Brendon has invited 4 hot beach boys to screw his little star. These hugely hung studs go at her like animals and splash their loads all over for Brendon to lap up.



When Brendon met Matthew during filming of STRAIGHT HUNK SPUNK Video 4 the planets lined up just right. Seldom has Brendon met someone who matches all of his criteria; blonde, young, straight, built, gorgeous and an exhibitionist. BINGO!! Matthew meets all of those criteria and then some. Now Brendon has put him at ease over the past year so much so that the young stud has agreed (for money of course) to jack off with the director in camera.


These are the guys you’ve been dreaming about - sexy young bankers, lawyers and doctors (for real)- all the straight hunks you’ve been drooling over for years. These guys wanted to be porno films, so Brendon Marley checked them into a 5 star Hotel in Northern California and fulfilled their fantasy - he has filmed them!! Each one of these guys is hotter than the next! See them strip, get hard, get hot, even show their butts to the camera and then shoot awesome loads.


Into his new studio Brendon has lured some of the most gorgeous studs in America. It's wall to wall straight cock. There are hot orgy scenes of 3 guys on 1 girl and of course Brendon in the middle who sucks every straight cock he can get his mouth on. There is hot solo action of gorgeous young studs jacking off for Brendon's camera. There are wild cock sucking sessions where Brendon lures young skate boarders and snow boarders into the sauna for some awesome anal action. Check them out.


For the first time Brendon has mounted a full frontal assault on the Few and the Proud. Filmed near a U.S. Marine base (a secret for obvious reasons). Brendon lures a dozen young warriors to his studio for some hot action. Using a beautiful porn star as bait, Brendon gets the guys stripped down, rock hard and their cocks lubed up for action. But Wait! What is going on? Brendon announces the "double penetration shot" and instructs the studs to put their cocks together! Unbelievable!



Where does Brendon find these guys? That’s what everybody wants to know- but he’s not telling. He’s just sucking as much straight cock as he can get his mouth on and lapping up the loads of those he can’t . By far the raunchiest of all Brendon’s work to date, he pushes these straight guys to the limit. Using a blonde babe as bait Brendon has lured 5 guys to a hotel room to shoot a "gang bang" video, but it’s Brendon who gets banged with 5 hot loads of cum in his mouth by pulling their dicks into his own face when they’re ready to cum. HOT!


By far the most filthy, raunchy and dangerous project Brendon has ever created. Using a famous porn-star as bait Brendon has lured straight guys into peep booths in San Francisco’s red light district. He then gets them so turned on by promises of a blow job that they are willing to stick their cocks into a glory hole. They think they are getting a blow job from the porn star but in reality its Brendon who is doing all the sucking. Filmed live in a real life video arcade Brendon risks the manager and the police by smuggling two hidden cameras into the arcade.


Three straight, super-endowed guys found on the beaches of Northern California show it off for YOU! This is NOT professional porno. This is real sex with real straight guys. There is no fancy camera work or lighting. Nothing is posed or faked. This is AMATEUR video of straight guys being done by a gay guy. If that turns you on you’ll LOVE - STRAIGHT OFF THE BEACH.



After years of watching straight porn and dreaming about touching the hunks in them, Brendon has made his personal obsession a reality. "STRAIGHT LOADS" is filmed in high quality digital format with professional lighting and gorgeous straight models- just like the real thing! Only these are Brendon’s videos and he’s in them too. When the camera pulls in for a hot close-up of some big cocked stud pounding a pussy, Brendon is there too getting his face and tongue as close to the guy’s asshole and swinging balls as possible.



New from Brendon Marley Videos, 15 hot young men from the former soviet State of Latvia where the winters are cold and the men are incredibly beautiful. Most of the guys are fair haired and blue eyed with smooth skin and fat uncircumcised cocks. If you like straight cock and wholesome clean-cut Scandinavian types, you’ll love these guys.


This series began what has become a very exciting, hot experience in the world of straight guy sex. About a year ago, I decided to stop fantasizing about straight guys and made up my mind to actually do an amateur video series of them. Your fantasy too? Well, I made it happen. And, I have it all right here for you to see for yourself.. Every guy in my videos is straight! Guaranteed! If they aren't straight - I'm not interested in them. These guys are really hot! Most of them get sucked off, some even get finger fucked and all of them shoot hot loads from massive straight guy nuts.


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The first in the series finds Brendon and Shy scouring the North Beach area for a horny straight guy. They're not hard to ...



Brendon kicks off his new series with some of the hottest cum filled guys just waiting to blow. Back by popular demand is Aar ...



J.T. is a blonde 19 year old who is dying for pussy. He settles for his first male blow job which leaves him smiling and conf ...



Brendon returns to Eastern Europe and ups the ante. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He talks Adam into getting fucked and now they’ve f ...

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